South Mississippi Regional Center

Employment Benefits

• Personal Leave:

18 days per year


• Major Medical Leave:

12 days per year


• Paid Holidays:

10 per year (State holidays)


• Health Insurance:


(Optional Dental, Cancer, and Life Insurance)


• On-the-Job Training

Workshops, Personal Development


• Position Upgrades


• Elective Credit Union Membership

  Savings Bonds


• Direct Deposit


• Worker’s Compensation


• Retirement Plan


The State retirement system allows retirement after 4 Yrs membership service at age 60 / 25 Yrs State Service  (if joined before July 1, 2007).  8 Yrs membership service at age 60 / 30 Yrs State Service  (if joined on, or after July 1, 2007).


If the employee leaves State government before retirement the employee will be able to draw retirement once they reach age 60 as long as they are fully vested. If they draw a refund and do not retire with the State, then they will receive money vested minus 20% taxes and also 10% tax penalties if under age 55.